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Shaun Raymond – Cross-Border Tax Specialists

At Shaun Raymond US Tax Services Inc., our goal is to become our clients’ trusted tax advisor. Each client has a dedicated, qualified tax professional attending to their tax needs. Through our in-depth knowledge of tax laws we help to simplify your tax matters and make ourselves available to answer any tax questions you have – year round.

Business owners want to focus on what they are good at – maintaining and growing their business. Individuals want to ensure they are not ignored by their tax advisor who is attending to the “big clients”. We ensure all our clients’ tax needs are attended to in a timely manner.

Our professional network enables seamless comprehensive service. Should legal, investment, or other specialized matters come up during tax planning consultations, we have an established network of professionals to connect you with, both locally and throughout the United States.

We partner with you to ensure you remain compliant with tax laws while providing tax planning to ensure you minimize any unnecessary tax exposure. If you are looking for a more personalized experience related to your tax matters with a knowledgeable firm, contact us for a consultation today.